Essex Bridge Center is joining The Common Game!!!!

New Features

• Results by Email after the game
• Analysis for selected hands provided on The Common Game website
• Advanced Statistics available at the Common Game website
• The Same Hands are played by all clubs that participate so you can discuss hands with friends and partners around the country

How do I get my results by Email?

Option 1:
Email your ACBL # (typed in subject line) to:
(No need for any message in the body of the email)


Option 2:
• Type your ACBL number in the login field on the top right hand corner of the page and click “Login”
• Click on “Modify Profile” on the top right hand corner
• Fill in your ACBL, name and email address in the form
• Click SUBMIT at the bottom of the page
Once you’ve done this, you will receive emailed results after each common game you play in. If you do not see emailed results, be sure to check your spam folder as results often get stuck in the spam folder. If you have any issues signing up, please contact

Does the Common Game award extra masterpoints?

No, the Common Game does not award any ACBL masterpoints at all. The Common Game combines scores and puts together an overall game with new winners, but the only ACBL masterpoints awarded are the ones awarded at your local club.

I just want to play. Do I have to worry about The Common Game?

• No, Results will be posted on the internet as usual.
• Nothing about the actual game will be different.
• The Common Game is just an extra feature for those who wish to participate

Congratulations to the STAC Open Swiss Winners Friday Evening 6/17


The winners of the 6/17 Friday Evening Open STAC Swiss Teams are Neeta Mone, John Anderson, Dave DuBois and Steven Garreffa.

STaC Week Is Here

STaC Week – Sectional Tournament at the Club

Monday, June 13 – Saturday, June 18th
All Open and 0-499 Games

PLUS Wednesday Afternoon, June 15 499 Swiss Teams 12:30pm

PLUS Friday Evening, June 17 Open Stratified Teams 6:30pm Lite Pizza Supper served at 6:00p

PLUS Saturday Afternoon, June 18 199 Swiss Teams 12:30pm Lite Lunch served at noon

SILVER points at sectional rating
NO Extra Card Fee
Essex Bridge Center will absorb the $1.50 extra required fee per player in in each STaC game.

Joe Gold and Peter Jones win the Bob Ryder Memorial Pairs

Congratulations to Joe Gold and Peter Jones on winning the 12th Annual Bob Ryder Memorial Pairs.

Hacked By Shade

Hacked By Shade

Hacked By Shade


GreetZ : Prosox & Sxtz

Hacked By Shade <3

Club Championship Week

Join us for Club Championship Week Monday-Friday 5/9-5/13.
All Open and 499 games will be Club championships.

Don’t forget to form your teams for our 499 Swiss Teams on Wed 5/11 at 12:30.
If you are a pair or a single contact the club and we will try our best to match you with a team.

Eight is Enough Swiss Teams will be Friday Evening at 6:30 pm. Pizza at 6:00pm.
Eight is Enough means each team can have a maximum of 8 points, where A Players with 2000+ mps = 3 points. B Players with 750-2000 mps = 2 points, and C Players with 0-750 mps = 1 points. 8 is the maximum, but your team can have less than 8.
If you are a pair or a single contact the club and we will try our best to match you with a team.

Bob Ryder Memorial Pairs Saturday 12:30 pm Light Lunch at 12.
On Saturday join us for the Bob Ryder Memorial Pairs celebrating the life of longtime Essex Bridge Center Player Bob Ryder. The game will be an Upgraded Club Champoinship. Bob was a tremendous bridge player, but also a true gentleman. With all his bridge accomplishments, Bob remained accessible and friendly to all players. Come play on Saturday as we remember him and do that which he enjoyed so much, play bridge.

Special Lessons Coming in April

Ken’s Monday morning lessons:

Apr. 11    Control Responses to 2C Openings, Cuebidding Aces
Apr. 18    Jacoby 2NT and Splinter Bids

Ken’s previously scheduled May classes have been canceled.

Alan’s Tuesday & Thursday pre-evening game lectures:

Apr. 12     Control Responses to 2C
Apr. 14     Support Doubles
Apr. 19     Control Showing Cuebids
Apr. 21     Penalty Doubles

Meagan’s Saturday Morning Workshops

4/2     2NT Openers and Responses

4/9     2C Openers  and Responses

4/16   Asking for Aces: Blackwood & Gerber

4/23           NO WORKSHOP

4/30   Supervised Play—Trump Hands

Next Team Games:

5/11    Wednesday Afternoon 499 NLM (preregistration required)

5/13    Friday Evening 8 is Enough (preregistration required)


Special Lessons Coming in March

Ken’s Monday morning lessons:

Mar. 14 Third and Fourth Hand Openings, Reverse Drury
Mar. 21 Bidding over Opponents’ NT Openings, DONT and Cappelletti

Alan’s Tuesday & Thursday pre-evening game lectures:

Mav. 1 Jacoby 2NT Part I             Mar. 3 Overcalls Part I
Mar. 8 Jacoby 2NT Part II             Mar. 10 Overcalls Part II
Mar. 15 Splinters Part I                 Mar. 17 Negative Doubles Part I
Mar. 22 Splinters Part II                Mar. 24 Negative Doubles Part II
Apr. 12 Control Responses to 2C     Apr. 14 Support Doubles

Meagan’s Saturday Morning Workshops

3/5     Simple Overcalls vs Preemptive Overcalls
3/12   1NT Responses: Natural & Stayman
3/19   1NT Responses: Jacoby Transfers

Next Team Games:

4/1    Friday Evening 8 is Enough (preregistration required)

4/2    Saturday Afternoon 499 NLM (preregistration required)

STaC Week Coming Soon

STaC Silver Point Week will be here Monday, Feb. 22nd through Sunday, Feb. 28th. 

Start planning your partners and teams now!

All regularly scheduled Open & 499 pair games and a special Friday afternoon 299 pair game section will award sectionally rated silver points.  Additionally the following team games will award sectionally rated silver points: Wed. afternoon 2/24 0-499 NLM Swiss Teams, Fri. evening 2/26 Open Swiss Teams, and Sat. afternoon 2/27 0-199 Swiss Teams.  Pre-registration is required for all teams.  Talk to Ken if you need help setting up your team.

STaC stands for Sectional Tournament at Clubs.

Coming Events

Feb. 1 – 7 is Club Championship Week, all Open* and 499 Pair and Team Games are extra black points, no extra fee.

Correction: The ACBL-Wide International Fund Game #1 is Saturday afternoon, Feb. 6th.

* The exception is Saturday afternoon, Feb. 6th Open Pairs is ACBL-Wide International Fund Game #1 instead of Club Championship.

  • 50/50 red/black masterpoints at 81.8% sectional rating
  • Overall Awards: 1st, 20; depth of awards, 10 places
  • District Winners: 1st, 10; depth of awards, 5 places

Overall winners recognized on ACBL website and in the Bridge Bulletin.  Hand records and analyses provided.  These games raise funds to defray the expense of North American participation in international competition.  Essex Bridge Center pays the extra fees required for the game to the ACBL.

Alan’s Tues/Thurs 5:45pm  lectures start Feb. 2/4.  They are not every consecutive week, be sure to pick up a schedule when you come or check the brochure online.