Lessons for Absolute Beginners – February 2018


We usually offer Absolute Beginner courses starting every September.

If you have NO Bridge experience, it is usually best to wait until a September start when you can hear all of Bridge from the very beginning.
Please feel free to email us to ask to be put on our Fall Beginner mailing/brochure list.


However, if you have a little Bridge experience:

* Played Bridge at home for years and now would like to learn the newer bidding
* Took a short 6-8 week course and would like to expand that knowledge
* Started in a Beginner class in the last few years and remember some of the very basics

then you could consider joining us for our Beginner Level II class starting on Monday, February 5, 2018


This Advanced Beginner group is primarily for those players who started with us as true Beginners in our Beginner Level I class this past September (2017).  Those players attended a weekly Beginner class for 15 lessons (continuing through January 2018).

In Beginner Level II we cover ALL of Basic Bridge again but a little deeper and with a few more ‘bells and whistles’ than we discussed in Beginner Level I.   Therefore, any players who wishes to join us for Beginner Level II will need some basic understanding of Bridge.


Should You Join Us For Beginner Level II If You Didn’t Attend any or all of Beginner Level I?

If you attended all or most of Beginner Level I with us, then you absolutely should join us for Beginner Level II.
You’re ready.

But what if you didn’t attend Beginner Level I.  Or what if you attended only the first few lessons of Beginner Level I.
Or what if you’ve never attended a Beginner Level I course.

Could you still consider sliding into Beginner Level II because we are going to cover all of Basic Bridge again?
Maybe…But you WILL need to understand the following information before walking in the door:

* General Vocabulary in Bridge (see  https://essexbridgecenter.com/getting-started-in-bridge/   )
* How to Count High-Card Points
* The Three Options to Open a Standard 1-Level Bid (Priority Order)
* How To Follow Suit in the Play of the Hand
* How Trump Works During the Play of the Hand


Ready to Join us in February?

Beginner Level II – February through August 2018
Learn a fun, challenging game and make new friends!
We believe that you learn to play bridge by actually playing bridge!

Morning Session:
Monday Mornings   9:10am – 11:40am
First morning – February 5th

Evening Session:
Monday Evenings    6:30pm – 9:00pm
First evening – February 5th
Meagan Powell will be the instructor for both of these sessions.

Monday morning and Monday evening are identical sessions.
Participants may attend either morning or evening session, or both!
You can choose which session to attend week-to-week.

Cost:  $13 each time you attend

Each week we will have a lesson and then a real Duplicate Bridge game, applying the information from the lesson to the session’s hands.
You never need to bring your own Partner for Level II Bridge – partners will be provided.

Free Textbook is provided to students on February 5th, 12th or 19th.
After that date, the textbook will cost $12.

Participants are required to stay the entire 2.5-hour duration of each lesson.
Other players cannot finish their round of play when you leave early.


Again, if you think you need to wait until our true Beginner Level I course in September, feel free to send an email asking to be added to our email/brochure list for September 2018.


Otherwise, join  us on February 5th for Beginner Level II.
Please arrive 25 minutes early to register and get settled.

If you have any questions at all, please contact Meagan Powell
Through email             meagan@essexbridgecenter.com
Or by phone                 973-535-9262



Our address is 95 West Mount Pleasant Avenue (Route 10) in Livingston, NJ.
We are on the top floor of a VFW hall.
We are directly across from DIECI (X) salon and right next door to Jerusalem Restaurant.

You can find directions and parking information here at our website:

Do not park at DIECI or the Temple next door or at Jerusalem Restaurant or at any other business on Route 10.  Some businesses WILL tow vehicles that don’t belong in their lot.