Lesson Game Information Page

Lesson Games at Essex Bridge Center provide a place for players to learn and grow in a less-competitive atmosphere than a full Intermediate or Open game.

    These Lesson Games begin with a 15-20 minute lesson on bidding, play of the hand, or defense. 
    The lesson is followed by a real Duplicate Bridge game experience.
    Players earn Masterpoints in these Lesson Games.
    Lesson Games run from true Beginner through 0-299 mp Mid-Intermediate levels.

Partners are never needed in any of the Lesson Game – we will always have a partner for you.  Singles are welcome!

Beginner Lesson Games  The first year of a player’s Bridge experience. Players are introduced to lessons, one week at a time. The hands played in the Duplicate game are pre-made, focusing on the week’s topic as well as integrating previous weeks’ topics. During the first 16 lesson (Level), players may use notes during bidding and play.  Tabletalk is allowed and encouraged.  As players move into Level II and Level III during their first year, topics and skills are reinforced.  Notes and tabletalk diminish.  By the end of the first year of Beginner Bridge, players are ready for the challenge of their 2nd year of learning.  Speed of play is slow: 8-10 hands

0-99mp Lesson Game   This level focuses on the 2nd year of a player’s Bridge experience. The most difficult topics from the 1st year are reinforced with more depth. Few new topics are introduced. Instead, players have the opportunity to plateau and reforced the rules and experiences of basic Bridge. The hands played in the Duplicate game are randomly dealt allowing players to concentrate on applying what they have already learned. Players are expected to begin employing more formal Bridge etiquette, including no tabletalk or notes. Speed of play is medium-slow: 12-14 hands

0-199mp Lesson Game  This level elevates the basic Bridge player to the beginnings of an Intermediate level. Players are introduced to new Bridge topics in their lessons. These topics explore more nuance in the bidding, play of the hand, and defense areas. Competitive bidding lessons take more prominence in this year. The hands played in the Duplicate game are randomly dealt and encourage players to recognize lesson concepts as they occur ‘in the wild.’ Players are expected to fully employ formal Bridge etiquette, including calling a Director to solve problems. Speed of play is medium: 14-15 hands

0-299mp Lesson Game  This level provides the final experience for emerging players. The lessons at this level include some advanced bidding and defense topics. The hands played in the Duplicate game are randomly dealt and force players to think more quickly about bidding, play and defense possibilities in a faster playing environment. All formal Bridge etiquette is expected. Speed of play is medium-fast: 15-16 hands