Game Schedule

The weekly schedule of Lesson Games and Regular Games remains the same from week to week.

Open Games

Although anyone is eligible to play in Open games, most of the regular players are very experienced Bridge players.  The afternoon games play 26-27 boards.  The evening games play 24 boards.

Weekday afternoons – 12:30pm

Saturday afternoons – 12:30pm 

Tuesday and Thursday evenings – 6:30pm


0-499 NLM Games

Players may have up to 499 masterpoints and may not have earned their Life Master designation.

Friday morning – 9:10am Plays 18 boards

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons – 12:30pm Plays 22-24 boards

Tuesday evening – 6:30pm Plays 20-21 boards


0-299 Game (Non-Lesson)

Players may have up to 299 masterpoints. This Thursday evening does not have a regular lesson prior to the game in the way that the Tuesday morning 0-299 provides. This evening game plays 20-21 boards.

Thursday evening – 6:30pm


Lower-Level Lesson Games

We offer Lesson Games at the emerging and low/mid-intermediate ranges.  Visit the individual Lesson Game links for more information.

Monday Morning         9:10am     0-99mp      12-14 Boards

Monday Evening         6:30pm     0-99mp      12-14 Boards

Tuesday Morning        9:10am     0-299mp    15-16 Boards

Wednesday Morning   9:10am     Beginner     8-10 Boards

Wednesday Evening   6:30pm     Beginner     8-10 Boards

Thursday Morning       9:10am     0-299mp    14 Boards


Check our monthly Calendar for specific information about special games and events.