Formats & Schedules

At Essex Bridge Center we offer different formats of lessons.

Lesson-Games (Monday through Thursday mornings and Monday & Wednesday evenings)

For the beginning through middle intermediate levels we have Lesson-Games.  Not every level is offered all the time (check current calendar to see current Levels) but multiple levels carry on year round on a weekly basis.  Lesson-Games begin with a short lesson that is focused on a small topic and proceed into the playing of a short game.  The level for Absolute Beginners (Level 1) is only offered in the Fall.  Players who have some bridge background can often join in with the Level 2 class (which does a complete review of basic bidding) or a slightly higher level.

Workshops (Saturday or Sunday mornings specific sessions only)

Workshops are designed to supplement our Level One, Two and Three Lessons, but they do stand alone and can be taken separately.  They consist of a substantive topic review and 4-5 practice hands.  Fall workshops are on a beginning level, Winter and Spring ones are on a low intermediate level.

Noon Mini-Lectures

These short optional mini-lectures lasting 10 to 15 minutes precede the 0-499 NLM Games on most Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons giving the players a mental warm-up to the Game.  On Mondays the topic is Declarer Play, Tuesdays – Defense, and Thursdays – Bidding.

Evening Pre-Game (0-499 NLM) Lecture Series

During specified sessions 0-499 NLM players are offered the opportunity to come early (5:45) and participate in a free 30 minute lecture and discussion period on topics pertinent to this level of play.  Please feel free to bring along your supper if you would like.  The detailed schedule of topics and dates can be found in the linked document listed below.

Comprehensive Lessons

Additionally we offer three sessions a year (Fall, Winter and Spring) each having 6 to 8 weeks of Comprehensive Lessons.  Various offerings rotate around the time slots (Monday mornings, Monday evenings, and Saturday mornings) during the year.  For dates, times and topics for these lessons please go to the links below to see the current full brochure and/or one page schedule.  Comprehensive Lessons are on the intermediate to advanced intermediate levels only.  This is because beginners and low intermediates need lots of playing experience as found in Lesson-Games before they are ready for Comprehensive Lessons.

Which kind of lessons should you take?

If you are unsure which level or format is appropriate for you, please call and speak with Meagan or Alan Powell. Often, however, the best way to determine the appropriate spot for you is to choose a game/lesson and try it. Based on that experience you can decide if it is a good fit, or if you would like to move up to a more competitive level or down to a less experienced level.


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