Advance Reservation Policy

Reservations can be made for all Open-Stratified and 0-499 NLM games up to one week in advance.  Reservations may only be made if you have a partner.  Always give both names.  You may request a playing location but the final decisions for table assignment will be at the discretion of the Director.  Please do not ask for a reservation more than a week in the future.

You must cancel your reservation if your plans change.

Methods for making reservations:

♠ In Person –  When you are at Essex Bridge Center, make your reservation by writing in the Reservation Notebook found on the shelves beside the side door.  Please do not ask the Director to make your advance reservation for you when you are here in person.  Write legibly and in pencil, please.

♥ Email – Email reservations may be made up through the day before you plan to attend using the following email address:  Do not make an email reservation on the very day you plan to attend.  Please put ‘Reservation’ as the first word of the subject of your email.  You should always receive a confirmation that your reservation message was received.  Include your phone number in case there is any problem.

♦ Web Form – You can make your reservation online by using our Make A Reservation form, which can be found under Contact in the main menu.  As with email reservations, you should always receive a confirmation that your reservation was received.

♣ Phone – Reservations may be left by phone message. Speak slowly and clearly and always give both names.  Please include a phone number where you can be reached in case there is any problem.


It is our hope that this system will help make your bridge playing plans run easily and smoothly for you and your partner.

NOTE:  While reservations are not required for any game, they are strongly suggested as our space is limited and players without reservations risk being turned away when attendance exceeds capacity.