Beginning Bridge Classes

Fall 2019:  Level I Beginner Bridge – 16 Lessons

Beginner Bridge at Essex Bridge Center will be held on Mondays starting September 2019.

Fall 2019:  Level I Beginner Bridge – 16 Lessons
Learn a fun, challenging game and make new friends!
We believe that you learn to play bridge by actually playing bridge!

Morning Session:
Monday Mornings   9:10am – 11:40am
First morning – September 9th

Evening Session:
Monday Evenings    6:30pm – 9:00pm
First evening – September 9th

Meagan Powell will be the instructor for both of these sessions.

Monday morning and Monday evening are identical sessions.
Participants may attend either morning or evening session, or both!
You can choose which session to attend week-to-week.

Each week we will have a lesson and then a real Duplicate Bridge game, applying the information from the lesson to the session’s hands.

You never need to bring your own Partner for Level I Bridge – partners will be provided.

Participants are required to stay the entire 2.5-hour duration of each lesson.
Other players cannot finish their round of play when you leave early.

Lessons 1 – 6 are FREE!

We teach Bridge from the absolute beginning.
During Lessons 1 – 6, players will be given a FREE book that follows each lesson in class.
You’ll have narrative explanations and exercises for each lesson.

After Lessons 1 – 6, we continue on with Lessons 7 – 16 to complete Level I.
The fee for each of the remaining lessons is $15 per lesson.
No commitment necessary – you come when you can, and you pay as you go!

At Essex Bridge Center you’ll find:

  •  Experienced teachers who know how to relate to Beginners
  •  Proven teaching methods:  over 1,500 successful beginner students
  •  Bridge from its very beginning – square one – learning by hands-on playing each week
  •  Relaxed fun with other beginners; refreshments included


Nothing, really.
There is no commitment.
You simply show up the for first lesson and get started.
Really, just show up for the first lesson.

We do ask that you arrive early for the first lesson – approximately 25 minutes or so early.
We need to get you registered, give you a book, get you seated and show you the refreshment area before we begin.
We’ll explain everything you need to know once you arrive. If you would like more information or just to let us know you are coming, click Information/Questions/Reservations and fill out the form.


Don’t worry!  Come the 2nd week.  You’ll catch up.



Our address is 95 West Mount Pleasant Avenue (Route 10) in Livingston, NJ.
We are on the top floor of a VFW hall.
We are directly across from DIECI (X) salon and right next door to Jerusalem Restaurant.

You can find directions and parking information here at our website:
Location and Directions


Do not park at DIECI or the Temple next door or at Jerusalem Restaurant or at any other business on Route 10.  Some businesses WILL tow vehicles that don’t belong in their lot.

We hope to see you on Monday, September 9th!


If you have any questions at all, please contact Meagan Powell

Through email   

Or by phone                 973-535-9262