About Us


The Essex Bridge Center has been owned and operated year round by Alan, Meagan, Ken and Roz Powell since July 1995. It is located in the Veterans of Foreign Wars Building on Rt. 10 in Livingston NJ.  The Powells have built on the bridge legacy of Miriam Steinberger and Robert Wakeman who founded Essex Bridge Center in the 1960s.  A family of experienced teachers, they have worked to bring more people to the enjoyment of bridge.  Today the center offers many lessons and games below the advanced level where beginners and intermediates can develop and improve their bridge skills.  Intermediate and advanced players benefit from the latest developments in duplicate bridge including pre-dealt hands with hand records available after the game (and online) and wireless electronic pads on each table to facilitate faster and more accurate scoring.

The Powells are all ACBL Directors.  Helping with the extensive multi-level game schedule are ACBL Directors and Essex Bridge Center Assistant Directors.


Leading our projects to improve our website and results reporting is Rob Powell, software engineer and telecommunications blogger.  Ever wonder how the world of the internet gets to your computer?  Check out his blog: www.telecomramblings.com where Rob explores in depth the world of telecom and internet infrastructure.  In addition to technical aspects, he comments on telecom company valuations and various M&A activity.  By the way, he is a bridge player too!