The Longest Day – SUNDAY, June 23

Essex Bridge Center will again be participating as a team
under the ACBL umbrella raising money
for the Alzheimer’s Association Longest Day Fund Drive. 

Extra Black Points, No Extra Card Fees

Morning Games
99 PAIRS and 199 PAIRS
9:30am Breakfast goodies
10:00am Game
14-15 Boards

Afternoon Games
499 PAIRS and Open PAIRS
12:30pm Special Lunch
1:00pm Game
20-22 Boards

Essex Bridge Center will donate all proceeds from these games to the Alzheimer’s Association. Donations will be accepted from players as well. 


You can donate to the Essex Bridge Center team by clicking on this link:

1 – This will take you to the Essex Bridge Center screen at the Alzheimer’s Association.

2 – Click on the purple DONATE button in the middle of the screen.
You do NOT need to Join The Team.

3 – You will be asked to either donate to Meagan Powell or Make a Team Donation.
You can donate to Meagan Powell BUT it would be better to donate to the Essex Team

4 – Follow the prompts on the screens to complete your donation.