Win Gold Points At Essex Bridge Center

Essex Bridge Center is a participating club in the
Regional Event At The Club ‘House’ (REACH) event
held November 13 – 17, 2017. This event awards GOLD points.

This REACH event is an opportunity to play at Essex Bridge Center in a Side-Series Regional Pair Event in collaboration with the Chesapeake Regional and The Common Game.

REACH is an independent event that runs concurrent to the usual afternoon Common Game
at Essex Bridge Center.
Players will earn the usual black points in every Essex Bridge Center game during this week.
Only registered REACH participants are eligible to also earn GOLD points.

How Does It Work?

1. Players MUST pre-register at the REACH website no later than 11:59pm
on Sunday, November 12.
The cost to participate is $25, payable at the REACH website:

Registration is handled exclusively by The Common Game and
the Chesapeake Regional through the REACH website.
Essex Bridge Center has no ability to accept registrations or REACH payments.

Absolutely no late entries are accepted by the REACH administration.

2. Players then play a minimum of two afternoons in The Common Game
during the week of Nov 13-17 in either an Open or a 499 Game.
Players are still required to pay the $13 entry fee for all Essex Bridge Center games
even if they are participating in the REACH event.

3. Scores from participating players will be compared across the field of all participating
East Coast clubs. Gold points will be awarded by the ACBL.

NOTE: Only those individuals who have registered for REACH will be compared.
Registered REACH players MAY partner with a non-REACH player in
an afternoon game. Since it’s only the individual outcome that matters,
your partner is not required to register if he/she does not want
to register for REACH.

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