Mark Your Calendar: Sunday, October 8th – Upgraded Club Championship

SUNDAY, October 8th – Cycle For Survival Charity Event
Upgraded Club Championship Pair Games
12:00 noon    Special Lunch

12:30 pm        Open Pairs   AND   0-299 Pairs Games

Essex will hold an Upgraded Club Championship Game to support Cycle For Survival.
Cycle for Survival is a national (USA) movement to beat rare cancers.

Cycle For Survival – the fastest growing athletic charity in US history – is the creation of Livingston-native Jennifer Goodman Linn, and her husband, David Linn.  At the heart of the movement is a series of indoor team cycling events that take place across the country, with other events – like our special bridge events – contributing additional support.

Jennifer, the daughter of Essex Bridge Players, Sandy and Len Goodman, was diagnosed with a rare cancer in 2007.  She created Cycle for Survival and paired with Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK) and Equinox Fitness Clubs to raise money to stimulate research trials and provide additional treatment options and  hope for her fellow patients with rare cancers.

By the time Jennifer passed away in 2011, she raised over $17 million for rare cancer research.
Since her passing in 2011, $140 million has been raised, and every single dollar raised is applied at the Jennifer Goodman Linn Laboratory of New Drug Development in Sarcoma and Rare Cancers at MSK developing trials and therapies to fight rare cancer.

Every single dollar is directly allocated to rare cancer research at MSK within six months of the event, and all new and promising information is shared with other cancer hubs across the US.

Half Of All Patients Are Fighting A Rare Cancer
About 50 percent of people with cancer have a rare cancer.
Rare cancers include brain, pancreatic, ovarian, stomach, thyroid, leukemia and lymphoma, all types of pediatric cancers, and many others.
Even though they account for about half of all cancer diagnoses when combined, research on many rare cancers is drastically underfunded, often leaving patients with limited or no treatment options.

Cycle For Survival is making strikes into targeted cancer therapy to change the way we fight back!

Join The Battle!
Join us on Sunday, October 8th!
Eat lunch!   Play bridge (extra points)!
No extra card fees for this special game.

Essex Bridge Center will donate all net proceeds from this game to Cycle for Survival.
Voluntary donations will be accepted.

Look for news in early 2018 about Meagan’s Cycle For Survival team for the NJ Equinox event


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