Upcoming April and May Events at Essex Bridge Center

Parking Update
We know that parking is at a premium in our lot and on the surrounding street.
However, we’re asking all players to be a good neighbor to the Day Care Center next door at the Temple.
Behind our building on Grand Terrace there is a 4-foot wide path to the curb from the Temple. This path is intended to allow the kids to step out into the street and cross to the playground.
Please help us: Do not park directly in front of this path.
Let’s give the kids a reasonable access point to cross the street.
Thank you for helping.

Comprehensive Lessons with Alan Powell
No Trump Play of the Hand Lessons
Monday Mornings 9:30am – 11:30am
$15 per lesson No Partner Necessary

4-24 Part I: Creating Tricks
5-1 Part II: Making a Plan
5-8 Part III: Dangerous Opponent and The Holdup Play
5-15 Part IV: Managing Entries
5-22 Part V: Supervised Play on the Above Topics

Intermediate Workshops with Dominick D’Ascoli
Saturday Mornings 9:00am – 11:15am
$12 per lesson No Partner Necessary

4-15 Negative Doubles
4-22 Control-Showing Cuebids
4-29 Defense: A First Look
5-13 Cuebid Raises
5-20 Reverses

FREE Evening Lectures

Tuesday Evenings with Alan Powell
6:00pm One-page Handout

4-11 and 4-18 No Lectures
4-25 Help Suit Game Tries
5-2 Reverse Drury
5-9 3rd Seat Openings
5-16 4th Seat Openings

Thursday Evenings with Meagan Powell
6:00pm One-page Handout

4-13 and 4-20 No Lectures
4-27 No Trump Overcalls
5-2 Which Overcall Should I Make?
5-11 Penalty Doubles – Part I
5-18 Penalty Doubles – Part II


Club Championship Week
Extra Black Points, No Extra Card Fee

All Open & 499 games
Thursday Evening 299 Game

8 Is Enough Fri Eve, May 5
6:00pm Pizza
6:30pm Game

499 Swiss Sat Aft, May 6
12:00noon Lunch
12:30pm Game

We will be CLOSED during Memorial Day weekend
Saturday, May 27
Sunday, May 28 (We are always closed on Sunday)
Monday, May 29

We will be open on Friday, May 26 for our usual morning 499 game and our usual afternoon Open game (with lunch).
We will open again after the weekend on Tuesday morning, May 30.