August 2018 Events at Essex Bridge Center

Club Championship Week
Extra Points, No Extra Card Fees

Monday, August 20 – Saturday, August 25
Every Open Game
Every 499 Game including Friday Morning
Thursday Evening 299 game

PLUS Team Games

9 Is Enough Teams 
Friday Evening, Aug 24
6:00pm Pizza   6:30pm Game

499 Swiss Teams
Saturday Aft, Aug 25
12:00noon Lite Lunch
12:30pm Game

Please pre-register at Director Desk


North American Pairs Qualifier Games
50 % Red and 50% Black points
No Extra Card Fees

Monday Afternoon, August 27
Open and 499 games

Tuesday Afternoon, August 28
Open and 499 games

Tuesday Evening, August 28
Open and 499 games

Wednesday Afternoon, August 29
Open game

Thursday Afternoon, August 30
Open and 499 games

Thursday Evening, August 30
Open Game

Friday Afternoon, August 31
Open Game

Upcoming July Events at Essex Bridge Center

July 4th
We are OPEN for our usual afternoon Open Game on Wednesday, July 4th, 12:30pm.
We are CLOSED for our morning and evening 0-99 games

July Closings for Fairfield Regional
We will be closed for some sessions during the Fairfield Regional.

Friday, July 13
Saturday, July 14
We are completely closed on these two days.

Thursday, July 12 Evening
We WILL HOLD a 299 game – 6:30pm
NO OPEN Game on this Thursday evening

NAP Qualifier Games
50 % Red and 50% Black points
No Extra Card Fees

Tuesday, July 17 afternoon
Open and 499 games

Wednesday, July 18 afternoon
Open game

Tuesday, July 24 evening
Open and 499 games

More NAP games in August

Upcoming June Events at Essex Bridge Center

June 2018 is Jam-Packed!

King of Hearts Update
On April 29, 2018 we held a special Sunday set of games to honor our King of Hearts, Ken Powell.
We had a terrific day, sharing bridge with all of you in Ken’s honor.
The entire Powell family was so touched that so many of you came to play bridge that day to support us.
We heard from even more of you who could not make it but wanted us to know how much you cared.
We have been both humbled and extraordinarily moved by your kindness.

YOU raised $7,334 for Cycle for Survival in Ken’s name to continue in the fight to find the best treatments and support for rare cancers like Ken’s brain cancer.
Thank you so very much!



STaC Week – Sectional Tournament at the Club
SILVER points at sectional rating
NO Extra Card Fee for players
Essex Bridge Center will pay the $1.50 extra required ACBL fee per player in in each STaC game.

Monday, June 25 – Saturday, June 30
All Open Games
All Afternoon and Evening 499 Games
Thursday Evening 299 Game

Wednesday Afternoon, June 27
499 Swiss Teams 12:30pm

Friday Evening, June 29
Open Stratified Swiss 6:00pm Lite Pizza Supper
6:30pm Game

Saturday Afternoon, June 30
199 Swiss Teams 12 noon Lite Lunch
12:30pm Game

Registration prior to each Team event is required.
Please try to register full teams.
We will be unable to assist in searching for teammates until the day before each event.


North American Pairs Qualifying Events
50% Black, 50% Red

Tuesday Evening, June 12
Open and 499 Game

Saturday Afternoon, June 23
Open Game
12:00 noon Lite Lunch 12:30pm Game

More NAP events will be on our July and August calendars


Advanced Beginner – Low/Mid Intermediate Players

Lesson Games will continue All Summer Long!
Monday Morning 0-50
Monday Evening 0-50
Tuesday Morning 0-299
Wednesday Morning 0-99
Wednesday Evening 0-99
Thursday Morning 0-199

Our schedule will continue on these days all summer.
Come when you can! We’re happy to have you!


Saturday Morning Workshops with Meagan Powell

Basic Trump Play of the Hand lessons on Saturdays in June
9:00am – 11:15am
$13 No Partner Necessary

Jun 9 Counting Losers and Pulling Trump Finesse

Jun 16 Discarding a Loser Before Pulling Trump

Jun 23 Trumping in Dummy Before Pulling Trump

Jun 30 Declarer Planning When You Have More Than One Option To Solve Problems

King Of Hearts Event: Ken Powell Memorial Games at Essex Bridge Center

Special Day!    Special Game Times!    Special Price!

We are celebrating the life of our King of Hearts, Ken Powell, with Upgraded Club Championship games on Sunday, April 29th.

Sunday, April 29th
Upgraded Club Championship
Reservation sheets will be available in Reservation book on Monday, April 16.

Morning Games – $10 per player
10:00am – 12:00 noon

0-199 Game     Will play 14-15 boards
0-499 Game     Will play 15-16 boards

We will serve morning snacks including pastries, yogurt, fruit, nuts, bagels and cream cheeses, and more.


Afternoon Game – $10 per player
1:00pm – 3:30pm

Open Game    Will play 20-21 boards

We will serve afternoon snacks including cheeses and crackers, fruit, finger foods, and desserts.


How To Donate In Ken’s Honor:

King of Hearts Games for Cycle for Survival:
ALL entry fees from our King of Hearts games will be donated in Ken’s name to Cycle for Survival to help them continue their research into rare cancer treatments – rare cancers like Ken’s brain cancer.

We will also collect voluntary donations during the game  or
you can donate using a credit card to our team at Cycle for Survival here:


Oberlin Conservatory of Music

Many of you have also asked about donating in Ken’s name to his alma mater – Oberlin College Conservatory of Music.
Here’s the information to donate in Ken’s name:

Personal information at the top of the page is YOUR information.
(Class year doesn’t apply if you didn’t go to Oberlin).

About halfway down the page it asks for
“This gift is in honor/memory of someone”
Kenneth George Powell
Class of 1965

Acknowledgement Information:
Roz Powell
27 Elmwood Drive
Livingston, NJ 07039


We are looking forward to seeing those of you who can join us in celebrating Ken’s life on Sunday, April 29th.





STaC – Silver Points
Tuesday, March 20 – Monday, March 26
All Open Games
All Afternoon and Evening 499 Games
Thursday Evening 299 Game

499 Swiss Teams Wed Aft, Mar 21 12:30pm
Open Stratified Swiss Fri Eve, Mar 23 6:00pm Supper 6:30pm Game
199 Swiss Teams Sat Aft, Mar 24 12:00 noon Lunch 12:30pm Game

All Team games require pre-registration

Ken Powell 1943 – 2018

It is with such sadness that we inform you all that Ken Powell passed away on Monday morning, February 26th.

There will not be a service or a wake – Ken didn’t want one.
Please do not send flowers.

We will hold a special game in Ken’s honor to benefit Cycle for Survival.
That date is still to be determined.

Ken loved bridge, and he loved sharing it with all of you for these past 20 years.

Thank you all for being such an important part of Ken’s life.



For more information about Ken, his life and family click the pdf below.


Big Heart Charity Game

Essex Bridge Center will participate in the ACBL-wide Big Heart Charity Game
on Wednesday afternoon, February 21st.
This is an Open Game starting at 12:30pm.

This game awards extra Black points for no extra fee.
Additionally, up to 25% of the field will earn Red points.

Essex Bridge Center will absorb the additional $3.35 per table and the registration fees for this event.

Make your reservation today!





Upcoming Events at Essex Bridge Center

Monday, January 29 – Friday, January 2
Extra Points, No Extra Fees
All Open and 499 Games
Thursday Evening 299 Game

PLUS Team Games
499 Swiss Teams Wed Aft Jan 31 12:30pm
Open Stratified Fri Eve Feb 2 6:00pm Supper 6:30pm Game

Open Game
Saturday, Feb 3
Lunch 12 noon Game 12:30pm
50% Black / 50% red

Essex Bridge Center is a participating club in the
Regional Event At The Club ‘House’ (REACH) event
held February 3 (in conjunction with the International Fund Game)
AND afternoon games on Monday, Feb 5 through Friday, Feb 9.
This event awards GOLD points.

REACH is an independent event that runs concurrent to the usual afternoon Common Game
at Essex Bridge Center.
Players will earn the usual black points in every Essex Bridge Center game during this week.
Only registered REACH participants are eligible to also earn GOLD points.

How Does It Work?

1. Players MUST pre-register at the REACH website no later than 11:59pm
on Friday, February 2.
The cost to participate is $30, payable at the REACH website:

Player Registration link in lower right corner

Essex Bridge Center has no ability to accept registrations or REACH payments.
Absolutely no late entries are accepted by the REACH administration.

2. Players then play a minimum of two afternoons starting on February 3
(International Fund Game – which also qualifies for REACH) through Friday, Feb 9
either an Open or a 499 Game. (Evening Open and 499 games do NOT qualify.)
Players are still required to pay the $13 entry fee for all Essex Bridge Center games
even if they are participating in the REACH event.

3. Scores from participating players will be compared across the field of all participating
clubs. Your two best scores from the week will be used. Gold points will be awarded by the ACBL.

NOTE: Only those individuals who have registered for REACH will be compared.
Registered REACH players MAY partner with a non-REACH player in
an afternoon game. Since it’s only the individual outcome that matters,
your partner is not required to register if he/she does not want
to register for REACH.

Interested in participating or have any additional questions?
REACH registration and information can be found at:



Club Championship Week
Monday, January 29 – Saturday, February 3
Extra Points, No Extra Card Fees

All Open and 499 Games
Thursday Evening 299 Game

499 Swiss Teams
Wed Aft, Jan 31   12:30pm

Open Stratified Swiss Teams
Friday Eve, Feb 2    6:00pm Supper   6:30pm Game

All Teams Must Pre-Register At Director Desk



January Workshops with Alan Powell
These workshops are geared for the 0-99, 0-199 and 0-299 players
Saturday Mornings   9:00am  – 11:15am
$13 per workshop    No Partner Necessary

Jan 13    Takeout Double
Regular use of the Takeout Double and Responses

Jan 20    Simple Overcalls and Responses
Basic and Cuebid Responses

Jan 27    Bigger Overcalls
Big Overcall Takeout Double and NT Overcalls

February Workshops with Dominick D’Ascoli
These workshops are geared for the 0-299 and 0-499 players
Saturday Mornings   9:00am  – 11:15am
$13 per workshop    No Partner Necessary

Feb 3     Roman Key Card 1430
Alternative to regular Blackwood Ace Asking

Feb 10    Jacoby 2NT – Part I
Feb 17    Jacoby 2NT – Part II
Another Method to Explore Slam

Feb 24    Splinters
Another Method to Explore Slam


Do You Have a Friend or Family Member Who Would Like To Return To Bridge?
Do You Have a Friend or Family Member Who Would Like to Learn to Play Bridge
Our Beginner Bridge Level II course starts on Monday, February 5th.
Returning Beginner or Advanced Beginner students may join us to hear all of Basic Bridge from the beginning.
If you have a friend who is a true Beginner, please contact Meagan Powell for more information.

December Events at Essex Bridge Center

We are CLOSED on Monday, December 25th


Player Recognition Party on New Year’s Day
Monday Afternoon, January 1st

12:00pm Special Lunch and Desserts
12:30pm Open and 0-499 games

Upgraded Club Championship
Extra Points, No Extra Card Fee

In previous years we have been filled to capacity and have had to turn players away!
Please make reservations early!
Reservations are now being accepted by email, phone and in person